Corneal Diseases

The Cornea is the front surface of the eyeball that helps focus light into the eye.  Many disease and injuries can affect the clarity or quality of the images passing through the cornea.  Dr. Thompson is a fellowship-trained Corneal surgeon specialized in multiple procedures to restore vision and improve comfort.


A pterygium is a fleshy growth that resembles a film or tissue growing over the eye. It occurs when the conjunctiva invades the cornea, or the clear front window of the eye. This overgrowth of conjunctiva is what gives the lesion its unsightly appearance. Pterygium is likely caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolent light from the sun.

If a pterygium is small, but becomes inflamed, it may be treated with lubricating eye drops or steroids for inflammation relief. Surgical removal is sometimes required in ore severre cases. Drs. Drs. Kennedy, Kennedy, and Thompson or can help you determine the best treatment plan for you.

Fuchs’ Dystrophy and Corneal Edema

There are multiple causes of corneal edema (cloudiness due to swelling of the cornea).  In more severe cases a surgical procedure called DSAEK can be performed where the non-functional layer of the cornea can be replaced.  This procedure has a much faster recovery time than the older procedure, Penetrating Keratoplasty.

Corneal Scars

The cornea can become scarred from an infection, an injury, or since birth.  Typically if surgery is required a Penetrating Keratoplasty is required since the scarring affects all the layers of the cornea.